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      Dome Arrayse - Cross Snap DomesSeries

      Our F-Series snap domes (cross snap domes) are four-legged switch contacts that were designed specifically for mounting on single or double sided PCBs, flex circuits and membranes, where traces can be fed under the domes on the same side of the board. They come in 8 different sizes, and can be used for contact or tactile element only.

      The size of F series snap dome (stainless steel dome) is from 5mm to 20mm in a range of (trip) force, typical 125- 500 g. The trip force, rebound/return force, click, travel, and height, etc., can be adjustable according to clients request. Ccustomers' drawing or samples are welcome. Contact us now for more!

      Dome Specifications:
      Contact Configuration: SPST, Normally Open
      Contact Bounce (on): <.3ms
      Contact Bounce (off): <6ms
      Operating Temperature: -55 C to 125 C
      Storage Temperature: -55 C to 125 C
      Humidity: 0-97% (no condensation)
      Contact Resistance: <100 ohms
      With gold or silver plating: <1 ohm
      Voltage/Current Maximum: 12 ma @ 24 volts DC, RL
      Breakdown Voltage: Over 200 volts
      F (Four-Legs)/ Cross Series